jak kupić odpowiedni podnóżek

A Perfect Match Often people like their footstool to be in the same style as the rest of their suite. That’s understandable. Having a beautiful Chesterfield footstool to match your sofa and chairs is both luxurious and satisfying. Luckily, we can make you a matching footstool when you buy your first Chesterfield or later when you decide you need that extra bit of indulgent comfort. Better still, we can make your footstool in a range of designs. Check out our selection here. There’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy and maybe your toes.

A Versatile Choice

Don’t assume that footstools have only one purpose. Choose well, and it’s a piece of furniture that is more than the sum of its parts. A sturdy Chesterfield footstool will offer a comfortable seat for when your house fills up with guests. Instant seating that is immediately available and pleasant to use. You’ll won’t get any complaints from those lucky enough to sit on your new footstool. Gushing compliments more like.

Out Of Sight

Some footstools can offer useful extra storage. Check out our Box Chesterfield design as a great example of multi-purpose furniture. All the benefits of a traditional footstool but with a flip up lid and stowage for getting all those irritating bits and bobs out of the way. It’s the epitome of both style and function. And yes, you can have it made in any colour or fabric you want. Perfect!

Put ‘Em Up

By now, we hope we’ve convinced you that a Chesterfield footstool is a very wise investment. It’s a practical piece of furniture that will add value to you and your home from the moment we deliver it. Naturally, as with all our furniture at the Chesterfield Sofa Company, your footstool will be made by our time served craftspeople. You can be sure it’ll be of the highest quality and very durable. Able to cope with the most boisterous of households and the biggest of feet! Call the Chesterfield Sofa team on 0800 035 9889 and order your Chesterfield footstool. Or if you spend over £2000 (excluding delivery) we’ll give you a free matching footstool. You’ll soon have your feet up wondering how life gets any better. It does when you take delivery of your perfect footstool!]]>