Stree bezpłatny świąteczny obiad

enjoy a Christmas movie. It’s equally bizarre that amongst this smorgasbord of foodie fabulousness there are things that we only eat on Christmas day. More puzzling, is that some of these are foodstuffs we don’t like. How weird is that? On Christmas day, we serve food that is as popular as central heating at a snowman’s school reunion. Let’s have a rundown of some of the essential and, not so essential, treats that adorn the Christmas dinner plate. See how many you’d be happy to get your festive laughing gear around this year.

A Quality Bird

An absolute must. Whether its duck, goose or the ubiquitous turkey, a well-roasted bird is the bedrock upon which Christmas dinner rests. White and dark meat presented in perfect harmony. It should always be tasty and succulent. However, therein lies the issue. How do you cook your bird to perfection? Many yuletide festivities have foundered on the rocky shores of an overcooked, dry bird. The cook will need to work hard to get it right. Have a look at our top tips to making Christmas dinner as stress-free as possible.

Spuds Are Good

Roast, mashed or even chipped. Maybe all three. Whichever you choose, a Christmas dinner without potatoes isn’t right. It’s like a cracker without the cheesy motto. The traditional choice, of course, would be spuds roasted in goose fat to crisp perfection. Flavoured with garlic, rosemary and thyme and generously seasoned with good sea salt. Why would you have anything else?

Cosy Piggies

Pigs in blankets. Just the name evokes happy Christmas memories. Fatty, juicy morsels of chipolata sausage wrapped in smoky bacon coated with a sticky-sweet glaze. As Christmas dinner accompaniments go, this is one of the best. Salty, savoury and delicious. The more, the merrier. Dip in cranberry or applesauce before you shove it in your cakehole and enter gastronomic heaven. Prepare to have a minor Christmas argument about who gets the last one!

A Right Stuffing

Whether you cook the stuffing inside your bird or separately, you have to serve some. This is a Christmas dinner ingredient so essential it may be against the law not to provide it! Sage and onion is the norm, but chestnut, sausage meat or even an exotic combination of apricot, prunes and pistachios are all acceptable.

What Sauce!

Christmas dinner always comes with a variety of sauces. Little flavour profiles that elevate the meal with extra levels of deliciousness. Cranberry is top of the list for most people. But don’t neglect bread sauce, applesauce or mint sauce. There’s probably a household or two out there that even have used tomato sauce to coax a few veggies into reluctant young ‘uns. Hey, whatever works people.

Good Gravy!

Gravy is what brings Christmas dinner together. A well-made, glossy jus unites the ingredients and heightens the enjoyment. It helps veggies go down easier. It moistens a dry bird; Gravy adds more welcome flavour to the meal. It’s worth investing the time to make the best gravy you can. Use turkey juices, veg’ water, quality stock and seasoning. Thicken sparingly and make more than you think you need. Gravy’s always popular!

Your Five A Day

We all like a bit of veg’ with a roast, that’s a given. But with Christmas dinner, we somehow go veg’-crazy. Peas, carrots, broccoli, roast parsnips, braised cabbage, cauliflower cheese could all make an appearance. Your five a day in one concentrated dose. Some of these will be scraped discretely to the side of the plate of course, but it doesn’t stop them being served year after year. It could be worse though. Which brings us neatly to the vegetable we haven’t mentioned yet…

Little Green Blobs Of Evil

Or Brussels sprouts as they are commonly known. The bête noire of reluctant festive kids for generations. Who eats these things except at Christmas? Does anyone like them? Why haven’t we passed a statute banning them? They’re an age-old ingredient that won’t fade away despite how loathed they are. And no matter how many ways TV chefs recommend to make them palatable they remain the most unpopular thing on the Christmas plate. Forever!

A Merry Chesterfield Christmas

So the big day will soon be here. Hopefully, you have your homemade decorations up by now and planning for the big day is well underway. So all that remains is for the team here at the Chesterfield Sofa Company to wish you all the very best for the busy festive season. And don’t forget, if you want some fantastic chesterfield furniture in 2019; why not call our Christmas-crazy team on 0800 035 9889. We’ll work like little elves to make you the Chesterfield sofa of your dreams. A sofa you can enjoy at Christmas 2019 and for many yuletides to come.]]>